Ecologically Based Rodent Management for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security in Africa

Recent scientific publications by the EcoRodMan team

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Outreach materials

Videos on How to Control Rodents can be dowloaded from here by clicking on the language you require
How to control rodents - in English 
Comment contrôler les rongeurs - en français 
Jinsi ya kudhibiti panya - katika Kiswahili

StopRats-produced policy discussion papers covering some of the major challenges in controlling rodent pests in Africa and elsewhere.

StopRats rodent population outbreak discussion paper 
StopRats stakeholder network discussion paper 
StopRats biological control discussion paper 
StopRats how to control rodents discussion paper

WHO (2019) Expert Meeting Report on Innovative Control Approaches Of Rodent-Borne Epidemic Diseases And Other Public Health Consequences Of Rodents’ Proliferation, World Health Organisation, Geneva, 50 p.

Belmain, S.R, Ndiaye, C.F., Diallo, B., Rakotonjanabelo, L.A. Anoko, J.N., Rakotondrazafy, S., Forbin, E.E and Chêne, S. (2018) A New Rat Control Strategy for Madagascar to Prevent Plague Outbreaks, Organisation Mondiale de la Santé, Antananarivo, 23 p.


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